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The U*Piter exhibition

The "Bioentech" company took part in the exhibition of esoteric centers and schools for self-development " U*Piter ". The event was held on August 12, 2018, in the "Center of events", St. Petersburg, Russia, and was timed to the beginning of the new "school year".


Мероприятие собрало на своих площадках руководителей центров и школ, мастеров разных направлений, ведущих курсов и программ по саморазвитию и оздоровлению, мастеров хенд-мейда.


The organizers  to guests a wide range of new and interesting programs for training. They also provided personal acquaintance with teachers and their courses. 



Visitors were able to see the performances of masters of sacred dances, women's practices, yoga and other areas, as well as become participants in the marathon of master classes and games.



The "Bioentech" company presented at the exhibition a new device – Crownoscope2, characterized by increased compactness and ergonomics, but retained all the functions of the previous generation devices.    


The visitors were presented with wide possibilities of the device to assess their energy status, fullness and nature of energy exchange of energy centers, as well as psychosomatics and health.




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