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Hardware-software complex Crownscope2 is a modern and cost-optimized GDV-device (Dynamic Gas Discharge Visualization) , showing the distribution of energy flow in the space, and in particular, the human energy field, as well as allow you to adjust it based on biofeedback.


Crownscope is an optoelectronic device which allows registering the dynamics of the crown image.



Using Crownscopy requires special software, which has been created by a team of leading experts in medicine, physics, images processing and recognition, and programming.


Ready-made kits consisting of a device Crownscope and recruitment software


About Crownscopy Method

Crownscopy is a method to evaluate Energy and Psychophysiological state of the patient based on the analysis of crown discharge captured around the patient’s fingers in a high frequency electromagnetic field.

A new generation of improved hardware&software systems “Crownscope” has been developed using this approach. The technologies are based on optoelectronic emission (crown or gas discharge visualisation) together with innovative dynamical registration of luminescence and biological feedback.

Advantages of the method:

  • Scientific base
  • Technology – capturing the dynamics by means of video recording, also online biological feedback is available
  • Eco-friendly and non-invasive
  • Modern product
  • Software applications and seasonal updates
  • Correction of the state
  • Affordable price, wide range of applications and high return on investment, international availability and integrated approach
  • Open system – we are in contact with our clients at any time and strive to bring the software potential which they need to the product


Since 2006 at Bioentech we are committed to the development and introduction of technologies which would allow for not only prompt and highly reliable assessment of one’s health condition but the improvement of it with the help of an alternative method which is avoiding the intake of substances that cause addiction or complications, but mobilizing the inner energy, psychological and physiological reserves.

Mission of our company
  • To create high-tech equipment and methods that contribute to the improvement of human;
  • To turn the energy resources of man to his benefit;
  • To improve the quality of human life;
  • To promote the progress of diagnostic approaches in medicine and psychology;
  • To be a reliable partner for medical institutions and for individuals.
About Us

Field of application

Crownscopy is extremely convenient and important to demonstrate the effectiveness of healing effects. The equipment will allow to identify diseases and weaknesses in the energy sector long before their manifestation on the physical condition.

Developed scientific technology will be a faithful assistant to people professionally engaged in bioenergy, Reiki, cosmoenergy, healing. You will always be able to demonstrate to your clients the effectiveness of your healing effect "before" and "after" bioenergetic sessions of Reiki, massage, body-oriented therapy, your own methods of treatment and other individual techniques.

Often in medical and medical institutions, the issue of rapid and accurate multi-profile diagnosis is relevant. The solution of this problem significantly accelerates the treatment process and reduces the amount of costs. In this case, the crownscopy method can make a significant contribution to the processes of diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention in health care facilities.

Methods based on the "Kirlian effect" have long been successfully used for diagnostic studies in medicine. The experiments confirmed their effectiveness in therapy, neurology, endocrinology, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, surgery and anesthesiology, Allergology, as well as for the rehabilitation of patients and evaluation of psycho-emotional state of a person.

Our experts have developed programs designed to control a person's own psychophysiological state, as well as its correction.

The "Chrownoscope" device and the supplied software allows to obtain a complete picture of the condition of the body. It also makes it possible to determine which organ should be given special attention. All those who care about their own health and the health of loved ones can use this complex even at home.


Feedback on the Crownscopy method application

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