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Biophysics of method

Emission of electrons and photos from the skin surface is stimulated with short (1-5 microseconds) pulses of electromagnetic field (EMF). According to the measurements taken with the help of the pulse oscilloscope equipped with memory, a series of electric current pulses (and luminescence) appears during the EMF pulse, each of them lasts for about 100 microsec. The pulse is developed due to the ionization of molecules of the gas environment because of the emitted electrons and photons. The drop of the pulse is explained with the charge of dielectric surface and the appearance of EMF gradient directed opposite to the initial field. When a series of stimulating EMF pulses with the frequency of 1000Hz is created the emission processes are developed within the time of pulse duration. This time is not enough for the ion depolisationprocesses in tissues to develop, which is why the current appears due to the electron movement along the structural complexes of biological tissue in the pulse current flow. Based on this, we can conclude that the Crownscopy method allows to judge about the level of Energy reserves indirectly on the molecular level of structural protein complexes.

Organ and neuro-skin relationships and local capillary blood flow in the skin are the main components that contribute to the type of the skin luminescence in electromagnetic field.

Human’s skin and nervous system share a common ectodermal origin. Nerve impulses, which come from the organs, change the functional state and the colloidal structure of the nerve fiber, then they are reflected in the periphery not only directly, but also because of the influence of the vascular wall on the electric potential, and through this they are reflected in the dielectric constant of the blood and lymph. As a result, a kind of “Flow of Electric Energy” is formed. It affects the properties of the skin which characterise the patient’s physiological and psychological state. This becomes the dominant factor in the creation of the pattern of optoelectronic luminescence of skin.

The fact that the patient can see the luminescence around their fingers raises more visual interest and appears a very attractive aspect of the method.

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