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crownscopyCrownscopy is a method to evaluate Energy and Psychophysiological state of the patient based on the analysis of crown discharge captured around the patient’s fingers in a high frequency electromagnetic field.

A new generation of improved hardware&software systems “Crownscope” has been developed using this approach. The technologies are based on optoelectronic emission (crown or gas discharge visualisation) together with innovative dynamical registration of luminescence and biological feedback.

Advantages of the method:

  • Scientific base,
  • Technology – capturing the dynamics by means of video recording, also online biological feedback is available,
  • Eco-friendly and non-invasive,
  • Modern product,
  • Software applications and seasonal updates,
  • Correction of the state,
  • Affordable price, wide range of applications and high return on investment, international availability and integrated approach,
  • Open system – we are in contact with our clients at any time and strive to bring the software potential which they need to the product;
  • Reliability – the method is certified and patented,
  • Excellent perspectives and collaboration with the leading scientific organisations.

Who is the method for?

Research results obtained with the help of Crownscopy method are applied by:

  • Health offices;
  • Sports organisations;
  • Psychologists and workshop leaders;
  • SPA-centres and beauty parlors, rehabilitation centres;
  • Healers and Bioenegry professionals, centres of alternative medicine and yoga;
  • Travelers, researchers and academics in the social sphere;
  • Manufacturers and distributors of wellness products;
  • Large manufacturing companies (for professional selection);
  • Social organisations.

Crownscopy suggests an essentially dynamic method to explore objects, based on the analysis of changes in crown discharge over time in high-frequency electromagnetic field.

The Crownscopy method is a well developed dynamic approach to the study of crown images of objects. It is the result of the development of various methods of observation and analysis of the object luminescence in high-frequency electromagnetic field (“Kirlian effect”, and in particular the GDV method) – from static images to the dynamic properties of the objects. In other words, this is a computer visualisation and analysis of temporal dynamics of the “Kirlian effct” of the examined objects.

“Crownscope” is a hardware&software kit designed to evaluate psychophysiological, adaptive and energy state of the patient based on the analysis of the properties of optoelectronic emission captured around patient’s fingers and face in high-frequency electromagnetic field.

This kit is a system which helps to visualise dynamical distribution of energy flows in the medium, and in particular, energy field of the patient. The kit also helps to correct the energy field based on biological feedback.

Patterns of optoelectronic emission from human fingers and face reflecting various dysfunctions of the body.

“Crownscope” works in the following manner. The patient’s finger is placed against the surface of the transparent dielectric plate with conductive coating on the reverse side. Then pulses from the generator are brought to the electrode. These pulses create electromagnetic field around the examined object. As a result, crown luminescence appears around the finger. It is captured with the help of an optical system and a CCD camera and converted into video signals which are saved as AVI files in the computer memory, where the digital signal is converted into a two-dimensional dynamic distribution of the finger emission which corresponds to the patient’s state. The output signal from the computer becomes an input for the data representation block where it is visualised as a two-dimensional dynamic image with certain geometric and brightness properties on a part of the screen. When compared to the sample image of a practically healthy patient the examined patient’s state is determined.

Our dedicated software helps to conduct detailed analysis of energy state of organs and body systems, psychophysiological state and adaptive reserves.

The approach to correct the patients’ state is the following. Computer generated visual objects appear on the screen (for example, a butterfly). These visual objects reflect the patients’ state, and by changing their properties the patients regulate their mental and physiological state. In order to correct the state, the patients perform certain actions according to the recommendations, for example, some kind of breathing exercise, relaxation of muscles, autogenic training, etc. The state of the patient changes and the properties of the crown luminescence around their finger change correspondingly, as well as the corresponding image on the part of the screen which allows the patient to judge if the recommended exercises are performed in a correct manner and observe the change of the state (for example, the exercise is to transfer the butterfly from one flower onto another). Thus, the examined person easily knows if the exercises were performed correctly and develop skills to correct their state by bringing it closer to the sample state which corresponds to a practically healthy person. Biological feedback between the state of the patient, their performance (breathing, relaxation, autotraining, etc) and parameters with their current values displayed on the screen is provided during the correction.

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