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Crownosсope at the conference "The Healing Power of Russia – 2018"

The annual Conference "Healing Forces of Russia - 2018"was held in Moscow on December 15 – 16, 2018.

The conference hosted a master class of Ivin Valery Alekseevich – pediatrician, surgeon, chiropractor, specialist in old Russian practices of working with the body, Professor of traditional medicine of the Russian Association of traditional Medicine on the topic: "the Author's method of editing the body of Dr. Ivin."


Crownosсope was used as a method of showing the change of the energy state after working hands "Protocol of changes of the body according to Dr. Ivin". Below are the results of the study by the method of Crownscopy before (left) and after (right) session "Protocol of changes of the body according to Dr. Ivin".



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