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LECTURE Crownscopy, a new method of transpersonal psychodiagnosis

Ionel Mohîrță is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and the founder of sonoluminescent psychology.

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?LECTURE Saturday, Ocrober 5th, from 12.20 
Crownscopy, a new method of transpersonal psychodiagnosis

?BOOK RELEASE - Saturday from 13.50
Beyond the usual perception. Uncovering reality,

More about Ionel Mohîrță
He has a PhD in psychology, and is Associate Professor at "Danubius" University.

He is the Vice President of ETPA, the President of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the Editor at the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Published 6 books, and more than 30 articles.

He specializes in regression therapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, information analysis and synthesis and Pneuma Breathwork and has developed a life long experimental and theoretical research in Psychothanatology.


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