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Festival "Happy Woman's Day"

On Saturday, March 30, 2019 as part of the cultural and educational project Homo Fortunatus - happy Man, the Second large-scale festival "Day of Happiness"was held in St. Petersburg.

This time the Festival "happy Woman's Day" was held»

It was an event filled with new useful acquaintances, insights and discoveries. At the festival there were useful contacts, and important tips, and practical exercises, and magic techniques, and pleasant communication, and surprises with gifts, but most importantly - the atmosphere of unity of happy people.

During the festival, the experiment "the Habit of thinking positively" was summed up, the start of which was given at the first festival, held on January 20 this year.

Two participants performed 3 simple tasks daily during the experiment:

☀ - Wake up with a smile

☀- fall asleep with gratitude

☀ - track your mood every hour

Their energy status was recorded at both the first and second festivals.

Comparative analysis clearly showed an increase in adaptive reserves of the body and a significant improvement in the form of psycho-energy field!

Measurement of energy carried out with the help of the device Crownscope2-Pro by Bioentech . In addition to the participants of the experiment, everyone could also assess the state of their energy.

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