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Participation in the city festival "Day of Happiness"

On Sunday, January 20, 2019, the First large-scale festival "Day of Happiness"was held in St. Petersburg. It was organized by the community of «Homo Fortunatus — a happy Person» together with the public center of the Bright World in order to increase the number of happy people in our city!

 The festival aims to help people to make their lives more conscious and interesting. To give them tools of self-help in crisis situations and to help them to form a positive way of thinking. In one place gathered more than 20 serious professionals-experts from different fields: scientists, doctors, psychologists, business consultants, leading creative workshops, self-development coaches, public figures, who are also positive people!

In the event the company Bioentech introduced the device Chrownoscope 2-Pro.

 All those wishing to assess the state of their energy were registered.

Two volunteers took part in the experiment. They were offered a Motivational calendar "Formation of the habit of thinking positively"


This is a real opportunity to change life in 30 days on the basis of world scientific achievements about neuroplasticity of the brain. Participants of the experiment need to perform three simple and pleasant  tasks within 1 month, and during this time the habit of thinking positively due to the formation of new neural connections will be formed:

☀ - Wake up with a smile

☀- Fall asleep with gratitude

☀ - Monitor their mood every hour

At the first event, the basic registration of participants  data reflecting their initial state was removed. And at the following festivals "Day of Happiness" these data will be compared with the new ones obtained after these three simple tasks

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